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philipmorg/ Secret

Created Dec 13, 2020
What would you like to do?


Thank you for being a part of the $WORKSHOP. I enjoyed how you $CONTRIBUTION.

Now that the workshop is over, I'd like to ask for any or all of these three things, if you want to do them:

  1. Feedback: How could this workshop improve? I know, for example, that I could provide more realistic time estimates for parts of the homework between meetings. But there are things I don't know, or can't see. If you're willing, you could help me see them. Just hit REPLY and let me know your thoughts.

  2. Testimonial: Proof that you have experienced and benefitted from this workshop helps others make a decision about whether this workshop is right for them. A balanced pros/cons style review of the workshop is way more helpful to them than an "over the top" positive rave. If you feel like providing a balanced description of your experience with the workshop that I would then publish on the workshop sales page, please do. Text is 100% fine, and turning on your webcam to record a short unscripted video could be even better.

  3. Share: Let someone know about this workshop if you could see them benefitting from it. How you do this sharing is up to you, of course, but this link might be useful:

Again, all of the above is optional, and up to you. I'm not going to nag you about any of it, because you've done the work I care about the most, which is leaning into the risk and uncertainty this workshop evokes, and coming out on the other side an improved business owner.

Thank you for embracing that risk and doing that work.


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