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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Collect daily Wikipedia page view counts for an array of terms. In this case, it's 'Advisor' and 'Adviser'. It helps to check that the Wikipedia page exists, first.
import requests
import collections
import time
searchlist = ['Advisor','Adviser']
minyear = 2008
maxyear = 2014
for search in searchlist:
views = {}
for year in xrange(minyear,maxyear+1):
for month in xrange(1,12+1):
if len(str(month)) == 1:
printmonth = str(0)+str(month)
printmonth = str(month)
url = ''+str(year)+printmonth+'/'+search
month = requests.get(url).json()
time.sleep(1) # be nice to API
sorted_views = collections.OrderedDict(sorted(views.items()))
for element in sorted_views:
if sorted_views[element] != 0:
print ','.join((search,str(element),str(sorted_views[element])))
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