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luruke / bunny.js
Created Oct 27, 2018
draw bunny on terminal
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const drawille = require('drawille')
const bunny = require('bunny')
const glmatrix = require('gl-matrix')
const width = 200
const height = 200
const canvas = new drawille(width, height)
const mat4 = glmatrix.mat4
const vec3 = glmatrix.vec3
let points = []
briandfoy / mojo_outline.txt
Last active May 19, 2020
Mojolicious Web Applications book outline
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I'm not committing to the book just yet, but I'm thinking about what the outline would be.
I'm thinking about running another Kickstarter if I can find a major sponsor like I did
last time. Email me if you might be that person.
The basic idea is a tutorial book on writing that would start from scratch and build up.
This is specifically not a reference book that covers every aspect of Mojolicious. The
trick is to figure out all the topics that should be in the book and how to introduce them
gradually. Most topics should be relevant to most of the audience, while uncommon tasks
or lightly used features might not show up at all.