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Created Nov 14, 2011
Command line installation of OpenPhoto in under 5 minutes
# Installing OpenPhoto on Ubuntu and Apache
# Run this from the command line as root.
# As always, view any script before running it ;).
curl | /bin/bash
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Created Oct 18, 2011
Upgrading OpenPhoto to version 1.2 (AWS EC2 AMI)
# if you don't have php-apc, install it
sudo apt-get install php-apc
# if you don't have the oauth library installed, install it
sudo pecl install oauth
# restart apache
sudo /etc/init.d/apache/restart
# change to the openphoto directory
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Created Oct 9, 2011
Upload all photos from a directory using command line (openphoto-php -
for i in $(ls /path/to/directory/*.JPG) ; do
./openphoto -h yourhost -e /photo/upload.json -F "photo=@$i" -X POST;
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