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Working from home
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phpdude /
Created December 20, 2017 23:14 — forked from RJ/
Exporting VMWare images (OVA) from EC2

How to provision VMWare compatible .ova images on EC2

EC2 only lets you export instances as VMWare-compatible OVA files if you originally imported that instance from an OVA. Presumably it preserves the metadata and XML gubbins for the instance, and just wraps it up again using that metadata on export.

In order to provision arbitrary VMs in an OVA-exportable way, we abuse the volume snapshots on one VM.

Prep work:

  • Make a fresh install of ubuntu server or whatever your base distro is, in VMWare, export as OVA file. (single disk only!)
  • Untar the OVA and import the VMDK file into ec2 using ec2-instance-import onto an HVM instance type (ie, no xen kernel needed)
phpdude / pre-commit
Created April 6, 2016 17:31 — forked from wolfhechel/pre-commit
Auto add Django migrations before commit
find . -type d -name migrations -not -exec git check-ignore -q {} \; -exec git add {} \;
phpdude / wkhtmltopdf.tablesplit.js
Created January 17, 2016 16:03 — forked from niflostancu/wkhtmltopdf.tablesplit.js
WkHtmlToPdf Table Splitting Hack
* WkHtmlToPdf table splitting hack.
* Script to automatically split multiple-pages-spanning HTML tables for PDF
* generation using webkit.
* To use, you must adjust pdfPage object's contents to reflect your PDF's
* page format.
* The tables you want to be automatically splitted when the page ends must
* have a class name of "splitForPrint" (can be changed).