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phpsyscoder /
Created July 27, 2019 17:03 — forked from HaleTom/
Print a 256-colour test pattern in the terminal
# Tom Hale, 2016. MIT Licence.
# Print out 256 colours, with each number printed in its corresponding colour
# See
set -eu # Fail on errors or undeclared variables
phpsyscoder / asciinema-to-scriptreplay
Created July 28, 2019 10:14 — forked from izabera/asciinema-to-scriptreplay
convert between asciinema and scriptreplay
exec {times}> times {typescript}> typescript < "${1-/dev/stdin}"
while read -r; do [[ $REPLY = ' "stdout": [' ]] && break; done # skip to this line
printf "Script started on %(%c)T\n" -1 >&"$typescript" # dummy
while read -r open; [[ $open = '[' ]]; do
read -r elapsed; read -r string; read -r close
eval printf %b%n "$string" characters >&"$typescript" # put count in $characters
printf "%s %s\n" "${elapsed%,}" "$characters" >&"$times"
phpsyscoder /
Last active July 29, 2019 00:33 — forked from cyrus-and/
let-in - User-initiated reverse shell via OpenSSL


User-initiated reverse support shell via OpenSSL from a host user behind a firewall to the guest.


  1. Both parties run: