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   brew tap wix/brew

This line is for GNU instalation, because old syntaxis uses POSIX and to run new scripts is necessary to use GNU

    brew install gnu-sed grep --with-default-names

Update new commands for mac that uses GNU

    brew install bash
    chsh -s /usr/local/bin/bash
    brew install gnu-sed grep --with-default-names
    brew install coreutils git openssl htop pstree moreutils bash-completion

Execute to set permissions inside the app to YES in order to dissmiss all of them when runnin UI tests.

instruments -s devices | grep iPhone | grep -Po '\[\K[^\]]*' | grep -v '[a-z][0-9]' | xargs -I{} applesimutils --bundle '' --setPermissions 'notifications=YES' --byId {}
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