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LESS CSS mixins for margin and padding in rem units with pixel fallback
// This assumes that the font-size on your <html> is 100% (1rem = 16px)
@font-size: 16;
// Margin mixin - enter pixel values in order: margin-top, margin-right, margin-bottom, margin-left
// Usage: .mar(10, 30, 15, 20);
.mar(@mt: 0; @mr: 0; @mb: 0; @ml: 0;) {
@mtv: @mt / @font-size;
@mrv: @mr / @font-size;
@mbv: @mb / @font-size;
@mlv: @ml / @font-size;
margin: ~"@{mt}px" ~"@{mr}px" ~"@{mb}px" ~"@{ml}px";
margin: ~"@{mtv}rem" ~"@{mrv}rem" ~"@{mbv}rem" ~"@{mlv}rem";
// Padding mixin - enter pixel values in order: padding-top, padding-right, padding-bottom, padding-left
// Usage: .pad(5, 10, 5, 10);
.pad(@pt: 0; @pr: 0; @pb: 0; @pl: 0;) {
@ptv: @pt / @font-size;
@prv: @pr / @font-size;
@pbv: @pb / @font-size;
@plv: @pl / @font-size;
padding: ~"@{pt}px" ~"@{pr}px" ~"@{pb}px" ~"@{pl}px";
padding: ~"@{ptv}rem" ~"@{prv}rem" ~"@{pbv}rem" ~"@{plv}rem";

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@LaurenceRLewis LaurenceRLewis commented Oct 8, 2015


How would you use 'auto' margin using this mixin?

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