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Meet 3scale evangelists at hackathons

Hackathon season is back ! It is that time of year again, where all your weekends are filled with coding, pizzas, and no-sleep :)

If you have never attended hackathons, the concept is pretty simple : tell a bunch of developers that they can code whatever they want during a weekend, feed them with snacks and energy-drinks, let them troll about which programming language they should use, put a bit of competition with appealing prizes into the mix and Boom ! you have hackathon :)

Coding during a hackathon is all about being efficient, pick the right tools and don't re-invent the wheel. For that reason, developers love APIs, because you can "outsource" a part of your program to a third party API and just focus on the rest.

At 3scale, we love APIs and we want to be sure that every developer can have access to great APIs and even build one easily.

As API lovers, we will be sponsoring three hackathons in the coming weeks. It's a great opportunity to meet hackers and help them work on innovating projects.

You will be able to meet the 3scale Dev Evangelist team at :

Oct. 18 - 19 | Music HackDay New York

2 days hackathon around music, hosted by Spotify Meet Kristine

Nov. 8-10 | HackingHealth Toronto

a hackathon focus on health hacks with developers, business people and health profesionnals Register

Nov. 16-17 | FoodHackathon #2, San Francisco

Organized by FutureFoodTech, it will be all about food, come hack if you are a food enthusiast. No junk-food guaranteed ;)

Really excited about those coming events, hope to meet you there ! Let us know if you know of any more that are worth attending.

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