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Ok, so in the dashboard for mobile services, on the right you will see something that says "Reset credentials" or "Setup source control" like the first image.
Tyler J Vanderhoef [3:36 PM]
Do that, then go into the configure tab, and you will see the git url like in image 2
Tyler J Vanderhoef [3:37 PM]
do a git clone of that url with your credentials you created in step 1
Tyler J Vanderhoef [3:37 PM]
this will yield a project structure like the final image
Tyler J Vanderhoef [3:37 PM]
and inside the table folder I believe your api server code should be there.
Tyler J Vanderhoef [3:38 PM]
then post your template to github, and tell people to clone it, and then all they need to do is configure source control in azure and push your code from github
Tyler J Vanderhoef [3:38 PM]
and I think that would do it.
Tyler J Vanderhoef [3:38 PM]
You would actually propbably want them to clone their own AMS repo, and then just copy your file in.
Tyler J Vanderhoef [3:39 PM]
Just realized there are some config files that are related to the repo, so you don't want them copying that :smile:
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