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INSERT INTO "users" ("name", "single_access_token", "created_at", "perishable_token", "updated_at", "installed_at", "uid", "timezone", "persistence_token", "last_name", "birthday", "last_login_at", "email", "first_name", "middle_name", "access_token") VALUES(E'Portail Serialsfactory', E'aZ7UMhB7mDNTnjmY57n', '2010-10-15 05:18:44.419536', E'yKeOeTvYPHvPODxg8nh', '2010-10-15 05:18:44.419536', NULL, 100000349053153, NULL, E'f0ca0751e228777ec5784759f3492845472b0476a6da3b73b51bb713a0fb68b8b077c22f7dab8c50364945e5c3b65d8382899f12b9273cf7076a4f98ebc5cc7f', E'Serialsfactory', NULL, NULL, NULL, E'Portail', NULL, NULL) RETURNING "uid"
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