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@pigeonhill pigeonhill/1GFB.lua

Created Apr 28, 2019
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SGFB Helper Script
SGFB Helper
[RATE] = A hijacked button to access the ML Script Menu
Version 0.5
Garry George May 2019
CON = {"ON","OFF"}
button = KEY.RATE
switched_off = false
run = false
function run_script(m)
if switched_off then return true end
if run then
run = false"Get Focus Brackets","Run Script"); sleep(1)
return true
function testkeys(kk)
run = false
if switched_off then return true end
if kk == button then
run = true
return false
return true
Script_Menu =
parent = "Focus",
name = "Toggle SGFB",
help = "Does what it says",
choices = CON,
update = function(this)
if this.value == "ON" then switched_off = false else switched_off = true end
event.shoot_task = run_script
event.keypress = testkeys
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