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"code": 0,
"data": {
"InReviewVersion": "1072",
"ScoreAlert": "如果您喜欢哔哩哔哩动画,请给我们评分。您的支持会让我们做得更好!",
"app_duration_percent": "100/100",
"app_videoshottrigger": "1",
"article_turn_on_share_image": "1",
"base-dns-preparse-list": "[\"\"]",
"battery": "{\"rmb_b_rate\":10,\"rmb_rate\":0}",
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from django.conf import settings
import sys
import contextlib
import gevent
from gevent.queue import Queue
from gevent.socket import wait_read, wait_write
from psycopg2 import extensions, OperationalError, connect
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