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// Do some work
// fubar ~ `static volatile int fubar`
for (fubar = 50000; fubar > 0; fubar--) {}
00D1128D mov dword ptr [_fubar (0D26DA0h)],0C350h
00D11297 mov eax,dword ptr [_fubar (0D26DA0h)]
00D1129C push edi
00D1129D test eax,eax
00D1129F jle cl_read_cb+40h (0D112C0h)
00D112A1 or eax,0FFFFFFFFh
00D112A4 jmp cl_read_cb+30h (0D112B0h)
00D112A6 lea esp,[esp]
00D112AD lea ecx,[ecx]
00D112B0 add dword ptr [_fubar (0D26DA0h)],eax
00D112B6 mov ecx,dword ptr [_fubar (0D26DA0h)]
00D112BC test ecx,ecx
00D112BE jg cl_read_cb+30h (0D112B0h)
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