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@piscisaureus /uv-ipc.c forked from ry/uv-ipc.c

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typedef struct uv_ipc_s uv_ipc_t;
/* uv_ipc_t is a subclass of uv_stream_t */
struct uv_ipc_s {
typedef struct uv_process_options_s {
/* ... add the following */
uv_ipc_t* channel;
* Called from child.
* This may be called exactly once per child process. Returns zero on success.
int uv_ipc_init(uv_loop_t*, uv_ipc_t*);
* Called from parent or child.
* This should be called from the read_cb to determine if there is a pending
* incoming handle. If so this function returns the type of that pending
* incoming handle. If there is no pending incoming then this returns
* uv_accept() should be used when there is a pending connection.
uv_handle_type uv_ipc_pending(uv_ipc_t*);
* Called from parent or child.
* Like uv_write(), but additionally sends a handle to the child process.
* The sent handle should be of type UV_FILE, UV_TCP, UV_UDP or UV_NAMED_PIPE.
int uv_ipc_write(uv_write_t* req, uv_stream_t* handle, uv_buf_t bufs[],
int bufcnt, uv_handle_t* send_handle, uv_write_cb cb);
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