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@piscisaureus piscisaureus/puh.c
Created Jun 7, 2013

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* Enable or disable blocking mode for a stream.
* When blocking mode is enables all writes complete synchronously. The
* interface remains unchanged otherwise, e.g. completion or failure of the
* operation will still be reported through a callback which is made
* asychronously.
* Relying too much on this API is not recommended. It is likely to change
* significantly in the future.
* On windows this currently works only for uv_pipe_t instances. On unix it
* works for tcp, pipe and tty instances. Be aware that changing the blocking
* mode on unix sets or clears the O_NONBLOCK bit. If you are sharing a handle
* with another process, the other process is affected by the change too,
* which can lead to unexpected results.
* Also libuv currently makes no ordering guarantee when the blocking mode
* is changed after write requests have already been submitted. Therefore it is
* recommended to set the blocking mode immediately after opening or creating
* the stream.
UV_EXTERN void uv_stream_set_blocking(uv_stream_t* handle, int blocking);
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