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Throttle a flow using Akka Stream's new FlowGraph DSL
val rate = 200 millis
def throttled[T]: Flow[T, T] = {
val tickSource = TickSource(rate, rate, () => () )
val zip = Zip[T, Unit]
val in = UndefinedSource[T]
val out = UndefinedSink[T]
PartialFlowGraph{ implicit builder =>
import FlowGraphImplicits._
in ~> zip.left ~> Flow[(T,Unit)].map{ case (t, _) => t } ~> out
tickSource ~> zip.right
}.toFlow(in, out)

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akauppi commented Jun 2, 2016

Thanks. I think it's awkward that a .throttle method is not built-in in Akka Streams.

btw. note that the above is from the experimental akka streams era. See here for discussion on 2.4.6

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