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How to install latest GHC 7.8.4 + cabal 1.22 on intel edison w/ ubi linux


ubilinux prerequisites

# for untar later
apt-get install bzip2
# probably all needed
apt-get install freeglut3 freeglut3-dev -y

ghc installation

# get distr  
mkdir /home/edison/downloads
cd /home/edison/downloads  
tar xvfj ghc-7.8.4-x86_64-unknown-linux-deb7.tar.bz2    
cd ghc-7.8.4

# install to  
mkdir -p /home/edison/dev/bin/ghc-7.8.4  
# or choose another path

./configure --prefix=/home/edison/dev/bin/ghc-7.8.4

make install

# symbol links  
cd $HOME/Development/bin  
ln -s `pwd`/ghc-7.8.4 ghc

# add $HOME/Development/bin/ghc to $PATH 
# add this line to ~/.profile
export GHC_HOME=$HOME/Development/bin/ghc  
export PATH=$GHC_HOME/bin:${PATH}

# to use updated path without log off
source ~/.profile

# remove temporary files  
cd $HOME/Downloads  
rm -rf ghc-7.8.4*

cabal (package manager for haskell)

# remove old  
rm -rf $HOME/.cabal

cabal library

# clone dist  
cd $HOME/Downloads  
curl -O

# extract   
tar xzvf Cabal-  
cd Cabal-  

# build
ghc --make Setup.hs
./Setup configure --user
./Setup build
./Setup install

# Remove temporary files
cd $HOME/Downloads
rm -rf Cabal-*


# remove ghc cache (in case of reinstall)  
if [ -d "$HOME/.ghc/" ]; then  
  ghc-pkg --user recache  

# get distributive  
cd $HOME/Downloads  
curl -O

# extract archive  
tar xzvf cabal-install-  
cd cabal-install-  

# install  

# remove temporary files  
cd $HOME/Downloads  
rm -rf cabal-install-*  

# add path to cabal to PATH environment
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