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//Example JSON alert entry (comments are allowed; Graphite-Beacon strips them)
// (required) Alert name
"name": "Example Alert Name",
// (required) Alert query
"query": "carbon.local.prototype.example.metric.query",
// (optional) Alert type (graphite, url)
"source": "graphite",
// (optional) Default values format (none, bytes, s, ms, short)
"format": "none",
// (optional) Alert method (average, last_value, sum)
"method": "average",
// (optional) Alert interval [eg. 15second, 30minute, 2hour, 1day, 3month, 1year]
"interval": "1minute",
// (optional) What kind of alert to send when no data received (normal = no alert)
"no_data": "normal",
// (optional) Alert interval end time (see "Alert interval" for examples)
"until": "5second",
// (required) Alert rules
// Rule format: "{level}: {operator} {value}"
// Level one of [critical, warning, normal]
// Operator one of [>, <, >=, <=, ==, !=]
// Value (absolute value: 3000000 or short form like 3MB/12minute)
"rules": [ "critical: >= 1000", "warning: >= 100" ]
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