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pkuczynski /
Last active Apr 27, 2018
Remove all git tags matching pattern passed as parameter
for tag in $(git tag -l $1)
git tag -d $tag
git push origin :refs/tags/$tag
git push --tags
pkuczynski /
Created Dec 6, 2013
MusicBrainz Picard: converts album date from yyyy-mm-dd to simply yyyy
PLUGIN_NAME = 'Simple date'
PLUGIN_AUTHOR = 'Piotr Kuczynski'
PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION = 'Simplify album date to contain only year.'
PLUGIN_API_VERSIONS = ["0.9.0", "0.10", "0.15", "0.16"]
from picard.metadata import register_album_metadata_processor
import re
pkuczynski /
Created Dec 6, 2013
Renames multiple tags using regexp. Usage: $frompattern $topattern
shopt -s extglob
for tag in $(git tag -l)
newtag=`echo "$tag" | sed -E "s/$1/$2/"`
if [[ $tag != $newtag ]]; then
git tag $newtag $tag
git tag -d $tag
git push origin :refs/tags/$tag
git push --tags
pkuczynski / db.rake
Created Jan 28, 2014
Loading data from SQL file in rake task
View db.rake
desc 'Load data from SQL file'
task :load_data => :environment do
puts 'Loading db/data.sql'
sql ="#{Rails.root}/db/data.sql")
statements = sql.split(/;$/)
statements.pop # the last empty statement
statements.each do |statement|
pkuczynski /
Last active Nov 23, 2019
Read YAML file from Bash script
parse_yaml() {
local prefix=$2
local s='[[:space:]]*' w='[a-zA-Z0-9_]*' fs=$(echo @|tr @ '\034')
sed -ne "s|^\($s\)\($w\)$s:$s\"\(.*\)\"$s\$|\1$fs\2$fs\3|p" \
-e "s|^\($s\)\($w\)$s:$s\(.*\)$s\$|\1$fs\2$fs\3|p" $1 |
awk -F$fs '{
indent = length($1)/2;
vname[indent] = $2;
for (i in vname) {if (i > indent) {delete vname[i]}}
pkuczynski / gist:8958800
Created Feb 12, 2014
List files with their numerical chmod permissions
View gist:8958800
# Add following code to your ~/.bash_profile, and then you can list files using command:
# lsmod /path/to/file
lsmod() {
ls -l $1 | awk '{k=0;for(i=0;i<=8;i++)k+=((substr($1,i+2,1)~/[rwx]/) *2^(8-i));if(k)printf("%0o ",k);print}'
pkuczynski /
Created Oct 16, 2017
Kubectl get pods with colorful output
kubectl get pods --all-namespaces \
| awk -v GREEN='\033[01;32m' \
-v NORMAL='\033[0m' \
-v YELLOW='\033[01;33m' \
-v RED='\033[01;31m' \
--field-separator='\s' '{
if (NR > 1) {
for (n=1; n<NF; n++) {
if (n == 3) {
split($n, ready, "/")

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