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Created September 11, 2017 16:16
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def user_mention(self, status):
# Once again we create an empty array
results = []
# Here we want to check the user mentions component of the status
# So the first step is to identify if it's empty or not
if status.entities['user_mentions']:
# Multiple users can be mentioned in a tweet,
# so we'll want to build a for-loop
for user in status.entities['user_mentions']:
# We lower our results like we lowered our input to compare them
# For our case, we're pulling out the value of screen_name, this is
# based on the assumption that you're tracking the screen names of the user's.
# Alternatively you could use their id, but you'd need to set up a process to get
# the ids first.
results.append(str(user['screen_name']).lower() in self.twitter_accounts)
# We want to return if there's any that true in our array
return any(results)
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