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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Sh script for connecting to a machine while pinging it with a wake-on-lan package in the background every minute
set -e
# How often to send wake-on-lan pokes.
# Mac address of the machine to poke.
# Host address to connect to.
# When run as [ poke] it loops around indefinitely poking
# the machine.
if [ "$1" = "poke" ]; then
while true; do
wakeonlan $MAC_ADDR > /dev/null
# Spawn the poke job and record its PID. Be careful here -- if the
# recursive call should for some reason not park in the loop above
# this script effectively becomes a fork-bomb. This happened.
$0 poke &
# Ensure that the poke job is killed when this script exits.
cleanup_on_exit() {
# Silence kill since, depending on how the signals bounce, this may be called
# more than once. Also, the poke job may die before we exit.
kill $POKE_PID > /dev/null 2>&1
# Do cleanup on normal exit and interrupt (ctrl-C).
trap cleanup_on_exit EXIT INT
# Wait for at least one successful ping before trying to
# connect. Waking up can take a while and mosh gives up quickly if the
# destination doesn't respond.
if ! ping -c1 $HOSTNAME > /dev/null; then
echo "Host is currently unavailable; waiting for it to appear."
while ! ping -c1 $HOSTNAME > /dev/null; do
# Finally we've seen a successful ping to the machine. Mosh it!
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