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Add Alt Attribute to Images in Esri Map Tour StoryMap (Classic Series)
require(["dojo/topic"], function(topic) {
// default alt text to apply to images
const defaultAltText = 'a view along the Yellow Breeches Creek';
// function to set alt attribute for images
function setAltText(title,img) {
// use grouped text if slide title text exists
if (title) {
// grouped text
const groupedAltText = `${defaultAltText}; map tour stop: ${title}`;
// set grouped alt text
img.setAttribute('alt', groupedAltText);
} else {
// set default alt text
img.setAttribute('alt', defaultAltText);
// The application is ready
topic.subscribe("maptour-ready", function(){
// colorbox element - container for modal image
const colorboxElement = document.getElementById('colorbox');
// options for mutation observer
const colorboxObserveOptions = {
childList: true,
subtree: true
// create mutation observer of colorbox div element
// console logs an error, but alt text is still set
const imgModalObserver = new MutationObserver(function() {
// title text
const titleText = document.getElementById('cboxTitle').innerHTML;
// img element
const imgElement = document.querySelectorAll('div#cboxLoadedContent > img.cboxPhoto')[0];
// set the alt text attribute
// run observe method
imgModalObserver.observe(colorboxElement, colorboxObserveOptions);
// element containing thumbnail images
const thumbImgContainer = document.querySelectorAll('div.carousel-item-div > span');
// loop through span elements and add alt attribute to images
thumbImgContainer.forEach(function(element) {
// child img element - adding alt attribute to this
const imgElement = element.getElementsByTagName('img')[0];
// next sibling element - div with name of tour stop text
const siblingElementText = element.nextElementSibling.innerHTML;
// set the alt text attribute
}); // end maptour-ready
// After the new point is displayed
topic.subscribe("maptour-point-change-after", function(){
// featured image for map-tour
const featImg = document.querySelectorAll('div.member-image.current > img')[0];
// title text for image card
const titleText = document.querySelectorAll('div#placard >')[0].innerHTML;
// set alt attribute text
setAltText(titleText, featImg);
}); // end maptour-point-change-after
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This code represents my attempt to add the alt attribute to the various slide images that load on the Esri Map Tour StoryMap application. I am receptive to people improving my solution.

Here are the places where the slide images appear:

  • carousel on the bottom of the map
  • within the "featured image" section. This location changes based upon the layout option you're using
  • within a pop-out modal


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If you need to support Microsoft Internet Explorer, please see this Gist.

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