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Suggested talk for OpenSourceDays 2012
Title: Modern Web Programming in Perl
Duration: 45 minutes
In year 1997 dynamic web pages often consisted of HTML forms you could
submit to the server and get a full HTML page back. The standard
language for writing the server code was Perl and it is quite probable
that the worst code ever written in any language is written in Perl
about 15 years ago to handle some HTML form processing.
Since then different languages has been hyped as *the* language for
server side web development: PHP, Java Server Pages, Ruby on Rails, and
latest JavaScript in the form of node.js.
But Perl isn't the same as it was 15 years ago. The community has
matured, developed new ways of using Perl, and even acquired ideas from
other language communities. During this talk I will show the modern way
of developing web services in Perl.
Peter Makholm has been programming in Perl for 15 years, but only been
developing for the web for 10 years, mostly in Perl and PHP. Today he
develops deep backend stuff for, often (ab)using the HTTP protocol.
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