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job_conf.xml chronos destination
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<plugin id="local" type="runner" load="" workers="4"/>
<plugin id="chronos" type="runner" load="" workers="4">
<param id="chronos">hostaname and port</param>
<!-- Hostname which runs Chronos instance. -->
<param id="owner"></param>
<!-- The email address of the person responsible for the job. -->
<param id="username"></param>
<!-- Username to access Mesos cluster. -->
<param id="password"></param>
<!-- Password to access Mesos cluster. -->
<param id="insecure">false</param>
<!-- True to communicate with Chronos over HTTPS; false otherwise-->
<handlers default="handlers">
<handler id="handler0" tags="handlers"/>
<handler id="handler1" tags="handlers"/>
<handler id="handler2" tags="handlers"/>
<handler id="handler3" tags="handlers"/>
<destinations default="chronos_dest">
<destination id="local" runner="local">
<param id="local_slots">2</param>
<destination id="chronos_dest" runner="chronos">
<param id="docker_enabled">true</param>
<param id="docker_memory">512</param>
<param id="docker_set_user">galaxy</param>
<param id="docker_cpu">2</param>
<param id="volumes">/export/galaxy/database/</param>
<param id="max_retries">2</param>
<tool id="upload1" destination="local"/>
<limit type="registered_user_concurrent_jobs">100</limit>
<limit type="unregistered_user_concurrent_jobs">0</limit>
<limit type="job_walltime">72:00:00</limit>
<limit type="output_size">268435456000</limit>
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