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pmpforever/truxton2.xml Secret

Last active Jul 18, 2018
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Truxton 2 | Tatsujin Ou cheat
<mamecheat version="1">
<cheat desc="default weapon">
<item value="0x01">red</item>
<item value="0x02">blue</item>
<item value="0x03">green</item>
<script state="run">
<action condition="maincpu.pb@10042F == 0">maincpu.pb@10042F=param</action>
<cheat desc="min power">
<parameter min="0" max="4" step="1"/>
<script state="run">
<action condition="maincpu.pb@10042B LT param">maincpu.pb@10042B=param</action>
<cheat desc="min speed">
<parameter min="0x14" max="0x28" step="0x04"/>
<script state="run">
<action condition="maincpu.pb@1005FC LT param">maincpu.pb@1005FC=param</action>
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