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Last active Mar 10, 2019
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find surrounding block ranges
function areSameBlock(a, b) {
a.getType() === b.getType()
function findBlockRange(contentState, areEqualFn, startBlock) {
const after = block => contentState.getBlockAfter(block.getKey())
const before = block => contentState.getBlockBefore(block.getKey())
const find = (block, nextBlock, directionFn) => {
if (!nextBlock || !areEqualFn(block, nextBlock)) {
return block
return find(nextBlock, directionFn(nextBlock), directionFn)
return [
find(startBlock, before(startBlock), before),
find(startBlock, after(startBlock), after)
// Usage
findBlockRange(contentState, areSameBlock, getCurrentBlock(editorState))
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