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pncnmnp /
Last active Apr 12, 2019
edit the 'path' variable to the place where your tv show directories are, then edit command line options accordingly.
from random import choice
from os import listdir, chdir, system
from os.path import isdir
from glob import glob
#from subprocess import Popen
from readline import parse_and_bind
from pprint import pprint
from sys import argv
pncnmnp /
Last active Feb 28, 2019
conway's game of life ( simple implementation )
from termcolor import colored
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.animation as animation
class Conway:
def __init__(self):
self.N = 60
self.generations = 300
self.curr_board = [[0 for i in range(self.N)] for j in range(self.N)]
self.prev_board = [[0 for i in range(self.N)] for j in range(self.N)]
pncnmnp / news_corpus.txt
Last active Jun 10, 2020
22 years ( 1995 - 2017 ) worth of news scrapped from Wikipedia ( with dates )
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This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
Current events of September 3, 1995 (1995-09-03) (Sunday) :
eBay is founded.
Current events of September 6, 1995 (1995-09-06) (Wednesday) :
NATO air strikes against Bosnian Serb forces continue, after repeated attempts at a solution to the Bosnian War fail.
Current events of September 19, 1995 (1995-09-19) (Tuesday) :
The Washington Post and The New York Times publish the Unabomber's manifesto.
Current events of September 22, 1995 (1995-09-22) (Friday) :
American millionaire Steve Forbes announces his candidacy for the 1996 Republican presidential nomination.
Current events of September 23, 1995 (1995-09-23) (Saturday) :
pncnmnp / 2d_tranformation.c
Last active Apr 21, 2019
"computer graphics" lab's code
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// with math module don't forget to use '-lm'
// For a triangle
int trans_sx = 30;
int trans_sy = 30;
pncnmnp / output.gif
Last active May 31, 2019
Popup Encyclopedia : demos
pncnmnp / bit_stuffing.c
Created Nov 6, 2019
Computer Network practical practise problems
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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#define MAX 100
int main(void) {
char data[MAX], output_data[MAX+MAX];
printf("Enter the data: ");
scanf("%s", data);
.model small
res1 db 10,13,"Enter the bcd value: $"
iresult db 10,13,"Hex value is: $"
result db 10,13,"Ascii value is: $"
mov ax,@data
mov ds,ax
lea dx,res1
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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: Unclosed quoted field in line 2.
0,"Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll
CHAPTER I. Down the Rabbit-Hole
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We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: Unclosed quoted field in line 2.
by William Shakespeare
Dramatis Personae