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@pnf pnf/penguins-haskell

Created Apr 22, 2014
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import qualified Data.Map as Map -- refer to function foo as
gs = ["g1","g2"]
g2m = Map.fromList [("g1",["m1","m2"]),("g2",["m2"])]
m2w = Map.fromList [("m1",["w1","w2"]),("m2",["w2","w3"])]
nest xs = map (\x -> [x]) xs
-- lookup in dictionary by first element of key list, then prepend to key list
dget :: Ord k => Map.Map k [k] -> [k] -> [[k]]
dget dict ks = map (:ks) (dict Map.! (head ks))
res = foldl (>>=) (nest gs) [(dget g2m),(dget m2w)]
manufacturing_groups = [ "multiglobal manufacturing group",
"intergalactic joint ventures",
"transdimensional megacorp" ]
manufacturers = Map.fromList [ ("multiglobal manufacturing group", [ "red heron manufacturers",
"blue bass super-corp",
"yellow dog llc",
"orange penguin family manufacturers",
"green hornet industries"]),
("intergalactic joint ventures", [ "yellow dog llc",
"purple butterfly inc" ]),
("transdimensional megacorp", [ "maroon baboon manufacturer",
"orange penguin family manufacturers",
"green hornet industries"])]
warehouses = Map.fromList [ ("red heron manufacturers", ["neptune building"]),
("blue bass super-corp", ["saturn warehouse"]),
("yellow dog llc", ["mars storage"]),
("orange penguin family manufacturers", ["venus building"]),
("green hornet industries", ["jupiter building"]),
("purple butterfly inc", ["pluto ministorage"]),
("maroon baboon manufacturer", ["mercury warehouse"])]
inventories = Map.fromList [ ("neptune building", ["rose widgets", "petunia widgets"]),
("saturn warehouse", ["rose widgets", "daffodil widgets"]),
("mars storage", ["poppy widgets", "forget-me-not widgets"]),
("venus building", ["goldenrod widgets"]),
("jupiter building", ["magnolia widgets"]),
("pluto ministorage", ["indian paintbrush widgets", "daffodil widgets"]),
("mercury warehouse", ["carnation widgets"])]
res2 = foldl (>>=) (nest manufacturing_groups) (map dget [manufacturers,warehouses,inventories])
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