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import typing_extensions as tx
import sheetconf
from pydantic import BaseModel, Field
class XXXConfig(BaseModel):
name: str
token: str
class YYYConfig(BaseModel):
name: str = Field(default="yyy", description="name of yyy")
token: str = Field(description="token of yyy")
class LoggerConfig(BaseModel):
level: tx.Literal["DEBUG", "INFO", "WARNING", "ERROR"]
class Config(BaseModel):
xxx: XXXConfig
yyy: YYYConfig
logger: LoggerConfig
if __name__ == "__main__":
url = ""
config = sheetconf.loadfile(url, config=Config, format="spreadsheet", adjust=True)
# Config(logger=LoggerConfig(level='INFO'), xxx=XXXConfig(name='xxx', token='xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'), yyy=YYYConfig(name='yyy', token='yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy'))
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