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krzysztofzablocki /
Created Jan 18, 2021
3rd party tooling processing script
cd "$(dirname "$0")/.."
if [[ -n "$CI" ]] || [[ $1 == "--fail-on-errors" ]] ; then
echo "Running in --fail-on-errors mode"
AliSoftware / Demo.swift
Last active Oct 28, 2021
NestableCodingKey: Nice way to define nested coding keys for properties
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struct Contact: Decodable, CustomStringConvertible {
var id: String
var firstname: String
var lastname: String
var address: String
enum CodingKeys: String, NestableCodingKey {
Amzd / Navigation.swift
Last active Nov 23, 2021
Fix the back swipe gesture not working correctly in SwiftUI.
View Navigation.swift
/// Fixed swipe gesture NavigationLink
struct NavigationLink<Destination: View, Label:View>: View {
var destination: Destination
var label: () -> Label
public init(destination: Destination, @ViewBuilder label: @escaping () -> Label) {
self.destination = destination
self.label = label
Amzd / UIKitTabView.swift
Last active Jan 12, 2022
UIKitTabView. SwiftUI tab bar view that respects navigation stacks when tabs are switched (unlike the TabView implementation)
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/// An iOS style TabView that doesn't reset it's childrens navigation stacks when tabs are switched.
public struct UIKitTabView: View {
private var viewControllers: [UIHostingController<AnyView>]
private var selectedIndex: Binding<Int>?
@State private var fallbackSelectedIndex: Int = 0
public init(selectedIndex: Binding<Int>? = nil, @TabBuilder _ views: () -> [Tab]) {
self.viewControllers = views().map {
let host = UIHostingController(rootView: $0.view)
host.tabBarItem = $0.barItem
atomicbird / logMilestone.swift
Last active Sep 22, 2021
Sometimes you just want to print a message that tells you a line of code was executed. Inspired by a tweet from Paige Sun:
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/// Log the current filename and function, with an optional extra message. Call this with no arguments to simply print the current file and function. Log messages will include an Emoji selected from a list in the function, based on the hash of the filename, to make it easier to see which file a message comes from.
/// - Parameter message: Optional message to include
/// - file: Don't use; Swift will fill in the file name
/// - function: Don't use, Swift will fill in the function name
/// - line: Don't use, Swift will fill in the line number
func logMilestone(_ message: String? = nil, file: String = #file, function: String = #function, line: Int = #line) -> Void {
// Feel free to change the list of Emojis, but don't make it shorter, because a longer list is better.
let logEmojis = ["😀","😎","😱","😈","👺","👽","👾","🤖","🎃","👍","👁","🧠","🎒","🧤","🐶","🐱","🐭","🐹","🦊","🐻","🐨","🐵","🦄","🦋","🌈","🔥","💥","⭐️","🍉","🥝","🌽","🍔","🍿","🎹","🎁","❤️","🧡","💛","💚","💙","💜","🔔"]
let logEmoji = logEmojis[abs(
timonus / programmatic-dynamic-images.m
Last active Nov 11, 2021
Programmatically create iOS 13 dynamic images
View programmatic-dynamic-images.m
- (UIImage *)dynamicImage
UITraitCollection *const baseTraitCollection = /* an existing trait collection */;
UITraitCollection *const lightTraitCollection = [UITraitCollection traitCollectionWithTraitsFromCollections:@[baseTraitCollection, [UITraitCollection traitCollectionWithUserInterfaceStyle:UIUserInterfaceStyleLight]]];
UITraitCollection *const purelyDarkTraitCollection = [UITraitCollection traitCollectionWithUserInterfaceStyle:UIUserInterfaceStyleDark];
UITraitCollection *const darkTraitCollection = [UITraitCollection traitCollectionWithTraitsFromCollections:@[baseTraitCollection, purelyDarkTraitCollection]];
__block UIImage *lightImage;
[lightTraitCollection performAsCurrentTraitCollection:^{
lightImage = /* draw image */;
View Accessible.swift
protocol Accessible {
func generateAccessibilityIdentifiers()
extension Accessible {
func generateAccessibilityIdentifiers() {
let mirror = Mirror(reflecting: self)
joseph-elmallah / URL+UIResponder.swift
Created Dec 9, 2018
A decoupled way to propagate URL opening in an iOS app over the Responder chain
View URL+UIResponder.swift
/// Conforming to this protocol allows for URL handling
protocol URLHandler {
/// Handle a URL
/// - Parameter url: The propagated url
/// - Returns: The handled status
func handleURL(_ url: URL, options: [UIApplication.OpenExternalURLOptionsKey : Any], completionHandler completion: ((Bool) -> Void)?)
// MARK: - Error Propagation
tclementdev /
Last active Jan 15, 2022
Making efficient use of the libdispatch (GCD)

libdispatch efficiency tips

The libdispatch is one of the most misused API due to the way it was presented to us when it was introduced and for many years after that, and due to the confusing documentation and API. This page is a compilation of important things to know if you're going to use this library. Many references are available at the end of this document pointing to comments from Apple's very own libdispatch maintainer (Pierre Habouzit).

My take-aways are:

  • You should create very few, long-lived, well-defined queues. These queues should be seen as execution contexts in your program (gui, background work, ...) that benefit from executing in parallel. An important thing to note is that if these queues are all active at once, you will get as many threads running. In most apps, you probably do not need to create more than 3 or 4 queues.

  • Go serial first, and as you find performance bottle necks, measure why, and if concurrency helps, apply with care, always validating under system pressure. Reuse

smileyborg / InteractiveTransitionCollectionViewDeselection.m
Last active Jan 16, 2022
Animate table & collection view deselection alongside interactive transition (for iOS 11 and later)
View InteractiveTransitionCollectionViewDeselection.m
// UICollectionView Objective-C example
- (void)viewWillAppear:(BOOL)animated {
[super viewWillAppear:animated];
NSIndexPath *selectedIndexPath = [[self.collectionView indexPathsForSelectedItems] firstObject];
if (selectedIndexPath != nil) {
id<UIViewControllerTransitionCoordinator> coordinator = self.transitionCoordinator;
if (coordinator != nil) {
[coordinator animateAlongsideTransition:^(id<UIViewControllerTransitionCoordinatorContext> context) {