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Effectful F# with Objects
// This is a very brief and incomplete sketch of how the technique used in
// Effectful OCaml with Objects and Variants
// could be translated to F#. The following F# will likely make more sense after
// reading the introduction that you'll find by following the above link.
module Rea =
type S<'R, 'e, 'a> = private | S of obj
let unsafe_to_rea<'t, 'R, 'e, 'a> (x: 't) = (S (box x) : S<'R, 'e, 'a>)
let unsafe_of_rea<'t, 'R, 'e, 'a> (S x: S<'R, 'e, 'a>) = unbox<'t> x
type ER<'R, 'e, 'a, 'D> = 'D -> S<'R, 'e, 'a>
type Bind<'R, 'D> =
abstract bind<'e, 'a, 'b> :
ER<'R, 'e, 'a, 'D> -> ('a -> ER<'R, 'e, 'b, 'D>) -> S<'R, 'e, 'b>
let inline bind xE xyE (d: 'D when 'D :> Bind<'R, 'D>) = d.bind xE xyE
let inline (>>=) xE xyE = bind xE xyE
type Result<'R, 'D> =
abstract result<'e, 'a> : 'a -> S<'R, 'e, 'a>
let inline result x (d: 'D when 'D :> Result<'R, 'D>) = d.result x
let inline run d xE = xE d
type Monad<'R, 'D> =
inherit Bind<'R, 'D>
inherit Result<'R, 'D>
type ERBuilder() =
member inline _.Delay(uxE) = fun d -> uxE () d
member inline _.ReturnFrom xE = xE
member inline _.Return x = result x
member inline _.Zero() = result ()
member inline _.Bind(xE, xyE) = bind xE xyE
let er = new ERBuilder()
let rec fib n = er {
if n < 2 then
return n
let! f'2 = fib (n-2)
let! f'1 = fib (n-1)
return f'2 + f'1
module Identity =
type R = private | R
let inline to_rea x = unsafe_to_rea<'a, R, 'e, 'a> x
let inline of_rea x = unsafe_of_rea<'a, R, 'e, 'a> x
type Identity() =
interface Monad<R, Identity> with
member d.bind xO xyO = xyO (of_rea (xO d)) d
member _.result x = to_rea x
let monad = new Identity()
do fib 10 |> run Identity.monad |> Identity.of_rea |> printf "%d\n"
module Option =
type R = private | R
let inline to_rea x = unsafe_to_rea<option<'a>, R, 'e, 'a> x
let inline of_rea x = unsafe_of_rea<option<'a>, R, 'e, 'a> x
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