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Rather rough sketch of using requestIdleCallback to break up JS execution
function idle(action) {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
requestIdleCallback(timing => resolve(action(timing)));
async function init() {
await idle(lessImportant);
await idle(nonCritical);
function criticalPath() {
console.log('lots of important stuff');
function lessImportant() {
console.log('less important stuff');
function nonCritical() {
console.log('non-important stuff');
window.addEventListener('load', init);

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surma commented Dec 15, 2016

Oh, I never thought about it this way, I always envisioned an approach more like this (the loop is just there for illustration):

async function mySuperLongTask(context) {
  const work = perpareWork();
  await context.idle();
  for(let items of work) {;
    await context.idle();
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