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Carto Patched PostGIS/PostgreSQL Performance

Carto Patched PostGIS/PostgreSQL Performance

The REL_10_CARTO PostgreSQL branch and svn-2.4-cartodb branch of PostGIS carry patches to improve performance around our core use cases (generating resolution-appropriate data for rendering in Mapnik and creating vector tiles). They also include patches that make the PostgreSQL planner more likely to pick parallel plans, in particular when using PostGIS functions.

  • The first round of improvements went into PostGIS and were focussed on the functions used commonly in feeding Mapnik and MVT.
  • The second round went into both PostGIS and PostgreSQL and were focussed on improving parallel query for our use cases.
2.4 Aug 2.4cdb Oct 2.4cdb Dec
# features ms μs ms μs ms μs
Polygons 5145 211ms 41.0μs 195ms 37.9μs 125ms 24.3μs
Lines 49846 218ms 4.4μs 179ms 3.6μs 103ms 2.1μs
Points 489446 1055ms 2.2μs 651ms 1.3μs 637ms 1.3μs
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