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DevOps Tools Index
1 Jenkins Pipeline Automation
2 Jenkins Plugins Pipeline Automation
3 Docker Containerization
4 Docker Hub Docker Image Repo
5 Ansible Deployment Automation
6 Ansible Galaxy Ansible Playbook Repo
7 Puppet Deployment Automation
8 Puppet Forge Manifest Repo
9 Chef Deployment Automation
10 Chef Supermarket Cookbook Repo
11 Netdata Monitoring Monitoring
12 ELK Stack Log Analysis
13 Haproxy Load Balancing
14 CentOS Operating System
15 Virtual Box Virtualisation
16 Apache Projects Web Server & Allied Projects
17 Shell Scripting (Beginners) Bash Scripting for Automation
18 Shell Scripting (Advanced) Bash Scripting for Automation
19 GIT Primer Version Control
20 SVN Version Control
21 DevOps Tools Trending DevOps Software
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