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text preprocessing elmo
# remove punctuation marks
punctuation = '!"#$%&()*+-/:;<=>?@[\\]^_`{|}~'
train['clean_tweet'] = train['clean_tweet'].apply(lambda x: ''.join(ch for ch in x if ch not in set(punctuation)))
test['clean_tweet'] = test['clean_tweet'].apply(lambda x: ''.join(ch for ch in x if ch not in set(punctuation)))
# convert text to lowercase
train['clean_tweet'] = train['clean_tweet'].str.lower()
test['clean_tweet'] = test['clean_tweet'].str.lower()
# remove numbers
train['clean_tweet'] = train['clean_tweet'].str.replace("[0-9]", " ")
test['clean_tweet'] = test['clean_tweet'].str.replace("[0-9]", " ")
# remove whitespaces
train['clean_tweet'] = train['clean_tweet'].apply(lambda x:' '.join(x.split()))
test['clean_tweet'] = test['clean_tweet'].apply(lambda x: ' '.join(x.split()))
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