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macOS system shortcuts keymap for WebStorm vs default keymap

The macOS System Shortcuts Keymap for WebStorm is available in the Plugin Marketplace.

Changed shortcuts

Action Old shortcuts New shortcuts
Add Selection for Next Occurrence ⌃G ⌃⌥G
Call Hierarchy ⌃⌥H ⌃⇧H
Collapse All ⇧⌘- ⇧⌘- ⌥⇧-
Debug ⌃D ⌥⇧D
Define... ⌥⌘D ⌥⌘3
Expand All ⇧⌘+ ⇧⌘= ⌥⇧+
Go to Test ⇧⌘T ⌃⇧T
Implement Methods... ⌃I ⌃⇧I
Jump to Navigation Bar ⌘↑ ⌥ ⌃⌘↑ ⌥
Maximize Tool Window ⇧⌘' ⌃⇧'
Move Lines to Another Changelist... ⇧⌘M ⌃⌘M
Move Statement Down ⇧⌘↓ ⌃⇧↓
Move Statement Up ⇧⌘↑ ⌃⇧↑
Move to Another Changelist... ⇧⌘M ⌃⌘M
Next Highlighted Usage ⌃⌥↓ ⌥⌘E
Next Method ⌃↓ ⌃⌥↓
Open New Query Console ⇧⌘L ⌃⌥L
Override Methods... ⌃O ⌃⇧O
Previous Highlighted Usage ⌃⌥↑ ⌥⇧⌘E
Previous Method ⌃↑ ⌃⌥↑
Project Structure... ⌘; ⇧⌘,
Property... ⌥⌘E ⌥⌘Q
Quick Documentation F1 ⌃J ⌃Button2 Click ⌘I F1
RSpec 'let' ⇧⌘L ⌃⌥⌘L
Refactor This... ⌃T ⌃S
Related Symbol... ⌃⌘↑ ⌃⌥ ⌃⌘↓
Reload All from Disk ⌥⌘Y ⌃⌘Y
Resume Program ⌥⌘R F9 ⌃\ F9
Run ⌃R ⌥⇧R
Run to Cursor ⌥F9 Force touch ⌃⇧\ ⌥F9
Scratch File ⇧⌘N ⌃⇧N
Select Cell Above ⌃↑ ⌥⌘↑
Select Cell Below ⌃↓ ⌥⌘↓
Select Next Tab ⇧⌘] ⌃→ ⌥⌘→ ⇧⌘]
Select Previous Tab ⇧⌘[ ⌃← ⌥⌘← ⇧⌘[
Set DEFAULT ⌥⌘D ⌃⌥⇧D
Split Line ⌘⏎ ⌃O ⌃⏎
Toggle Bookmark with Mnemonic ⌥F3 ⌃⌥⇧K ⌘F11
Type Hierarchy ⌃H ⌃⌥H
Unselect Occurrence ⌃⇧G ⌃⌥⇧G
VCS Operations ⌃V ⌃G

Added shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Backspace ⌃H
Build Project ⌃⌘B
Change Signature... ⌥⌘S
Copy... ⌥⌘Y
Create new directory or package ⇧⌘N
Decrease Font Size ⇧⌘-
Edit Source (Not in Editor) ⌘↓
Evaluate Expression... ⌃⌘L
File Structure ⇧⌘7
Find Action... ⇧⌘P
Find Usages ⌃U
Find Usages Settings... ⌃⌥⇧U
Find Usages in File ⌃⇧U
Force Run to Cursor ⌃⌥⇧\
Force Step Into ⌥⇧;
Force Step Over ⌥⇧'
Highlight Usages in File ⌃⌘U
Increase Font Size ⇧⌘+
Move Caret to Text End ⌘↓
Move Caret to Text End with Selection ⇧⌘↓
Move Caret to Text Start ⌘↑
Move Caret to Text Start with Selection ⇧⌘↑
Move... ⌥⌘I
Next Difference ⌘]
Next Highlighted Error ⌃,
Page Down ⌃V
Page Down with Selection ⌃⇧V
Previous Difference ⌘[
Previous Highlighted Error ⌃⇧,
Rename... ⌥⌘R
Reopen Closed Tab ⇧⌘T
Select In... ⌃Q
Show Bookmarks ⌃⌘K
Show Usages ⌃⌥U
Smart Step Into ⌥⌘;
Step Into ⌘;
Step Out ⇧⌘'
Step Over ⌘'
Stop ⌃⇧.
Terminal ⌃⌘T
Toggle Bookmark ⌃⇧K
Toggle Line Breakpoint ⌘\
Toggle Temporary Line Breakpoint ⌥⇧⌘\
Transpose ⌃T

Removed shortcuts

Action Shortcuts
Back ⌥⌘←
Comment with Block Comment ⇧⌘/ ⇧⌘/ ⇧⌘/
Fold ⌥⇧D
Forward ⌥⌘→
Generate... ⌃⏎
Jump to Source ⌘↓
Lookup Down ⌃↓
Lookup Up ⌃↑
New... ⌃⏎
Quick Definition ⌥Space
Rerun Tests ⌥⇧R
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