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..\utils\gsar.exe -s"4.0" -r"12.0" build\myproject.vcxproj build\myproject.vcxproj.1
..\utils\gsar.exe -s"v110" -r"v120" -f build\myproject.vcxproj.1 build\myproject.vcxproj
del build\myproject.vcxproj.1
prikansaritual / soln.lua
Created Feb 13, 2017
top-level solution
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-- the script containing our util functions
soln ={}
initSoln(soln, soln_path, "windows")
addCompToSoln(mod, mod_path)
--anything else you want to add from this file
appendToTable(mod.includepaths, includedirset)
appendToTable(mod.linklibs, includelibset)
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module = {}
module.srcfiles = { module_path .. "/src/file1.c" ,
module_path .. "/src/file2.c"
ppcast_core_controller.includepaths = { module_path .. "/inc/" }
ppcast_core_controller.linklibs = { }
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function appendToTable(t1, t2)
for k,v in ipairs(t2) do
table.insert(t1, v)
return t1
function initSoln(solnname, corepath, variant)
solnname.srcfiles = {}