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Created August 2, 2018 01:22
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AirVPN Eddie-UI systemd Service
  1. Create config directory: mkdir /etc/airvpn/
  2. Move your Default.xml over: mv ~/.airvpn/Default.xml /etc/airvpn
  3. Create /etc/systemd/system/eddie-ui.service
  4. Enable your -wait-online service
  5. Enable & start the eddie-ui.service unit: systemctl enable eddie-ui.service; systemctl start eddie-ui.service
  6. Verify connection by following log: journalctl -u eddie-ui.service -n50 -f
# If you use VPN-over-TOR, change both to ` tor.service`
ExecStart=eddie-ui --cli --batch path=/etc/airvpn/
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