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Changelog - Archipel Beta 6.0 (Apophis)

Changelog - Archipel Beta 6.0 (Apophis)

Beta 3 changelog available here

Beta 3.1 changelog available here

Beta 3.2 changelog available here

Beta 4.0 changelog available here

Beta 5.0 changelog available here

XMPP Bus (StropheCappuccino)

NEW: Full support for websockets! (more info at
NEW: vCard is now a full Cappuccino object

GUI Core

!!NEW: Support for Aristo2
!!NEW: Support for Objective-J 2.0 (huge performance improvment)
!!NEW: Support for renaming virtual machines

FIX: Bug preventing to jump to a VM is a filter is set
FIX: Bug where non managed VM in state running were not reporting their names
FIX: Detect invalid JID when logging in
FIX: disable auto validation on toolbar items. (issue #602)
FIX: Do not keep stuck on disconnecting. (issue #574)
FIX: Reduce a lot of useless XMPP API class everywhere

NEW: Change the dataview selection color
NEW: Filter entities in roster using bare JID
NEW: Force 3D acceleration if available
NEW: Load vCard only for visible entity in roster (lazy loading)
NEW: New font
NEW: Remember selected tab per entity type, not per entity
NEW: Retina ready artwork
NEW: Support for disabling avatar (usefull for monster roster)
NEW: Support for setting hard coded XMPP Service URL (issue #654)
NEW: Updated roster dataviews to be smaller
NEW: Updated version of Cappuccino
NEW: Updated version of GrowlCappuccino
NEW: Updated version of LPKit
NEW: Updated version of StropheCappuccino
NEW: Updated version of TNKit
NEW: Updated version of VNCCappuccino

Agent Core

!!NEW: Offline VM migration + migration progress feedback
!!NEW: XEN Support!

FIX: Bug preventing VM to kill itself
FIX: Bug preventing VM to reconnect after a XMPP server restart. (issue #596)
FIX: Bug where state of VM was not coherent sometimes
FIX: Coherent VCARD org info over reboot
FIX: Explicitely say when trying to perform a domain operation on an undefined one. (issue #445)
FIX: Manage command not working sometimes

NEW: Cloning a VM also clones parent vCard informations
NEW: Improve the way Archipel finds its own IP if in mode auto
NEW: Only one libvirt connection is used per Agent
NEW: Support fo ping protocol extension for hypervisor/vm (issue #493)
NEW: Support for libvirt restart
NEW: Use 'unsafe' migration mode if needed

Module Controls

!!NEW: Support for live VM's CPU usage (instead of useless cpu time)

FIX: Use CPPopover instead of TNAttachedWindow. (issue #541)

NEW: Rename Destroy to Force Off (issue #627)

Module Creation

FIX: Bug causing a dead end is a managed VM have the same name than a unmanaged one
FIX: Crash when searching for vm in parking
FIX: Various bugs and optimization

NEW: Add names for unmanaged VMs (issue #641)
NEW: Button to add/jump to selected VM. (issue #487)
NEW: Internal API to propose default locality, company, owner, unit, category from other modules
NEW: Support for setting locality, company, owner, unit, category when creating a VM
NEW: vCard info of VMs can be changed
NEW: VMParking is using a shared sqlite file instead of pubsub for performance

Module Definition

FIX: Bug preventing to choose network of type 'network' from VM NIC definition
FIX: Bug reseting the domain type even when defined
FIX: Catch xml errors that strophejs may throw to avoid crash
FIX: currentMemory and memory should get changed together. (issues #591)
FIX: Define the good format for block devices (issue #380)
FIX: Definition UI not editable when VM is not defined
FIX: Disallow multiple graphic devices. (issues #189, #549)
FIX: Issue where "Huge Pages" and "Nested Virtualization" were checked
FIX: Remove tablets entry if using XEN. (issue #550)
FIX: Typo provoking crash related to setHost
FIX: Update Manual XML Editor from libvirt on call (issue #632)

NEW: Add Bootloader and Bootloader_args to UI for XEN paravirtualized guests
NEW: added QEMU command line related models (issue #531)
NEW: Basic UI for managing network backed drives (issue #424)
NEW: Code refactoring for more performances
NEW: Support for device controllers
NEW: Support for disabling USB
NEW: Support for nested virtualization
NEW: Support for virtualport in the model. (issue #551)

Module Drives

FIX: Crash when trying to delete a drive that is already attached to a vm

NEW: Default cache mode is now "default"

Module Health

FIX: Bug preventing flushing old stats records and making agent very slow to start after a while (issue #572)
FIX: Don't display duplicats in disk stats. (issue #575)

NEW: Don't show devfs and tmpfs
NEW: send VMX info (issue #416)

Module Networks

FIX: Crash when network's bridge is not set. (issue #430)
FIX: Crash when searching for networks

Module Permissions

NEW: Allow setting the same permission for multiple users. close #659
NEW: New look for permissions dataviews

Module VMParking

FIX: Random segfault and parking incoherency

NEW: Can park a VM even if running
NEW: Directly ask a vm to park itself
NEW: New parking XMPP API to create VM directly VM into parking

Module VNC

!!NEW: Support for SPICE! (issue #590)
!!NEW: Support VNC for XEN. (issue #558)

FIX: Fix a bug when using None as a certificate for websocket connection

NEW: Add FR-CH Keymap (issue #539)
NEW: Belgium keymap. (issue #532)
NEW: Better UI to explain causes of connection failure
NEW: Italian keyboard layout. (issue #498)
NEW: Update version of noVNC subsystem
NEW: VNC Screen is now centered

Module VMCasts

FIX: Do not look for snapshot when packaging and hypervisor is not QEMU. (issue #610)

NEW: Force using no cache for getting RSS feed

Module OOM

FIX: Bug when stressing OOM db

Module XMPP Server

FIX: Password sent in clear in some occasions

NEW: Enable SSL scheme for XMLRPC API


FIX: Bug during buildAgent -d on Debian like systems

NEW: Add an option to archipel-initinstall to force using initd even if systemd is present
NEW: Support for systemd scripts (issue #619)
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