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Created December 30, 2018 11:54
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class JazzBandSpec extends FlatSpec with Matchers{
"Jazz band closure " should " create a musician closure with access to band set list" in {
val setList = List("Donna Lee", "Dig")
val jazzBandFunctionThatCreatesMusician: List[String] => () => List[String]
= JazzBand.jazzBandThatCreatesMusician
val musicianFunctionThatCanGetBandSetList: () => List[String]
= jazzBandFunctionThatCreatesMusician(setList)
musicianFunctionThatCanGetBandSetList() should be (setList)
//Re-writing the above in a more idiomatic and simplified way
JazzBand.jazzBandThatCreatesMusician(setList)() should be (setList)
package object JazzBand {
def jazzBandThatCreatesMusician(setList: List[String])
= () => setList
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