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Youtube in React: comment thread example response
"kind": "youtube#commentThreadListResponse",
"etag": "\"XI7nbFXulYBIpL0ayR_gDh3eu1k/36FatcUeHsOA3Hkx0JZsRj8z7mM\"",
"nextPageToken": "some-token",
"pageInfo": {
"totalResults": 20,
"resultsPerPage": 20
"items": [
"kind": "youtube#commentThread",
"etag": "\"XI7nbFXulYBIpL0ayR_gDh3eu1k/Deu50nKSKYGgxR_-ETP2cJABob8\"",
"id": "Ugwz9cfAuwYlI_tTzYp4AaABAg",
"snippet": {
"videoId": "J2X5mJ3HDYE",
"topLevelComment": {
"kind": "youtube#comment",
"etag": "\"XI7nbFXulYBIpL0ayR_gDh3eu1k/wkMTRYRh7LHS-I3naFCUfN4vWT8\"",
"id": "Ugwz9cfAuwYlI_tTzYp4AaABAg",
"snippet": {
"authorDisplayName": "Constantin Simeria",
"authorProfileImageUrl": "",
"authorChannelUrl": "",
"authorChannelId": {
"value": "UCjfkauS-Fd7j2GlXSAdi3bg"
"videoId": "J2X5mJ3HDYE",
"textDisplay": "This was alia’s old theme song",
"textOriginal": "This was alia’s old theme song",
"canRate": true,
"viewerRating": "none",
"likeCount": 0,
"publishedAt": "2018-11-12T19:05:43.000Z",
"updatedAt": "2018-11-12T19:05:43.000Z"
"canReply": true,
"totalReplyCount": 0,
"isPublic": true
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