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Last active Jan 29, 2019
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SideBar with items
render() {
return (
<Menu borderless vertical stackable fixed='left' className='side-nav'>
<SideBarItem highlight={true} label='Home' icon='home'/>
<SideBarItem label='Trending' icon='fire'/>
<SideBarItem label='Followers' icon='spy'/>
<SideBarItem label='History' icon='history'/>
<SideBarItem label='Watch later' icon='clock'/>
<SideBarItem label='Liked videos' icon='thumbs up'/>
<SideBarItem label='Movies and Shows' icon='film'/>
<SideBarItem label='Report history' icon='flag'/>
<SideBarItem label='Help' icon='help circle'/>
<SideBarItem label='Send feedback' icon='comment'/>
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