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Jeff Lindsay progrium

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def healthy_nodes():
nodes = requests.get("http://localhost:8500/v1/health/nodes").json()
passing = requests.get("http://localhost:8500/v1/health/state/passing").json()
passing = [c["Node"] for c in passing if c["CheckID"] == "serfHealth"]
return [n for n in nodes if n["Node"] in passing]
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++ case "$cmd" in
++ fleetctl --debug=true --strict-host-key-checking=false list-units
I0918 03:22:13.988410 12217 client.go:353] etcd: sending HTTP request GET
I0918 03:22:14.271524 12217 client.go:360] etcd: recv response from GET 200 OK
I0918 03:22:14.271917 12217 client.go:353] etcd: sending HTTP request GET
I0918 03:22:14.331921 12217 client.go:360] etcd: recv response from GET 200 OK
I0918 03:22:14.332321 12217 client.go:353] etcd: sending HTTP request GET
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#nl2spc() {
# sed -e ':a' -e 'N' -e '$!ba' -e 's/\n/ /g'
#set -x
fn-args() {
local argline=$(type $1 | grep declare | grep -v "declare desc" | head -1)
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export PS1="\[\033[01;31m\]\$(status=\$?; [[ \$status -ne 0 ]] && echo \"[\$status] \")\[\033[01;32m\]\u@\h \[\033[01;34m\]\w\n\$ \[\033[00m\]"
alias reload="curl -s > ~/; source ~/.profile"
alias g="git"
alias gpr="git pull --rebase origin"
alias gprr="git pull --rebase"
alias gpu="git push origin"
alias gpuu="git push"
alias gs="git status"
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tail -n +6 $0 | tar -zx "$(uname -sm)"
mv "$(uname -sm)" $0
exec $0 $@
( gzip data with different binaries named after output of uname -sm )
progrium /
Created Feb 17, 2015
Comparing natural brevity and concise expressiveness between Go and shell/Bash for certain tasks using each tool's "standard" library.
curl -s "$url" | tar -zxC "$dest"
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package main
import (
// Field represents a two-dimensional field of cells.
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render-template() {
declare filename="$1"; shift
local script k v
for var in "$@"; do
IFS='=' read k v <<< "$var"
cat "$filename" | sed "$script"
progrium / gist:a6d8f4b72fc16891bd15
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Found some notes sketching possible Docker commands before we (well, Solomon) settled on most of what exists today. Some made it, some didn't. Explicit layer management idea was dropped entirely.
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docker run -L layer://buildlayer -L file:///tmp/appsrc.tgz
docker run --layer buildlayer --layer appsrc.tgz --export > output.tgz
docker run --layer buildlayer --layer appsrc.tgz --export-file myfile > myfile
docker start foobar " web"
docker stop foobar
docker restart foobar
docker info foobar
docker logs foobar
docker destroy foobar