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Staging woes jun 4 2015

Ran into a bunch of db issues when deploying staging... fun!

Name conflict between 2 migrations in accounting: Since these were applied out of name order, South complained.

I resolved this by running ./ migrate --merge accounting

Then, following the "Team Workflow" section, here:, I added this commit: I don't think the last part was necessary, but I did it anyway.

django.db.utils.ProgrammingError: relation "sofabed_caseactiondata_domain" already exists

Seems like the indices defined in already existed.

I resolved it by:

./ migrate --fake sofabed 0011
./ migrate sofabed 0010
./ migrate sofabed 0011

Again, the last 2 steps were probably unnessary, but I wasn't sure if the other indices in that migration had been created on staging or not.

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