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Sample Propane caveatPatchor.js file
Sample Propane caveatPatchor.js file based on tmm1's avatar hack.
You'll need at least version 1.1.1 to experiment with this:
Once I'm sure exposing this hack-injection point doesn't cause problems
I'll do an official auto-updating version.
As of version 1.1.1, Propane will load and execute the contents of
~Library/Application Support/Propane/unsupported/caveatPatchor.js
immediately following the execution of its own enhancer.js file.
Please don't tinker with enhancer.js - it's the glue that binds Campfire's
javascript to Propane's UI and features.
Also: this is totally and utterly unsupported. By all means you can
ask me questions via Propane's help forums but I can't debug your scripts
for you. My javascript isn't that good, trust me.
Finally, if Propane is acting broken in general and you've got hacks in
caveatPatchor.js, *please* tell me about your hacks up-front when opening
an issue on the support site.
var displayAvatars = true;
if (displayAvatars) {
Object.extend(Campfire.Message.prototype, {
addAvatar: function() {
if (this.actsLikeTextMessage()) {
var author = this.authorElement();
if (author.visible()) {
if ('strong').length == 0) {
this.bodyCell.insert({top: '<strong>''</strong><br>'})
author.insert({after: '<img alt="''" width="32" height="32" align="top" style="margin-left: 5px; border-radius:3px" src="'+author.getAttribute('data-avatar')+'">'});
/* if you can wrap rather than rewrite, use swizzle like this: */
swizzle(Campfire.Message, {
setAuthorVisibilityInRelationTo: function($super, message) {
/* defining a new responder is probably the best way to insulate your hacks from Campfire and Propane */
Campfire.AvatarMangler = Class.create({
initialize: function(chat) { = chat;
if (elem.match('tr')) {
var msg = new Campfire.Message(chat, elem)
onMessagesInserted: function(messages) {
var scrolledToBottom =;
for (var i = 0; i < messages.length; i++) {
var message = messages[i];
if (scrolledToBottom);
/* Here is how to install your responder into the running chat */
Campfire.Responders.push("AvatarMangler");"AvatarMangler", "avatarmangler");

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5509 Apr 12, 2012

thanks. nice scripts:)

5509 commented Apr 12, 2012

thanks. nice scripts:)

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