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James Dunn protolif

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protolif /
Last active May 26, 2020
SmartFile API Client test for #33131
import os
import pprint
from smartfile import BasicClient
api_key = os.environ['SMARTFILE_API_KEY']
api_password = os.environ['SMARTFILE_API_PASSWORD']
api = BasicClient(api_key, api_password)
# pprint.pprint(api.get('/ping'))
f = open('./tmp/foo.xlsx', 'rb')
pprint.pprint('/path/data/test_files/', file=('', f)))
protolif / ssh-algos.txt
Created Apr 24, 2020
WS_FTP 12 SSH Algorithms
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protolif / ff_roam.bat
Last active Feb 28, 2017
Batch script to enable Firefox roaming profile - MACL
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@echo off
:: PURPOSE: Launches Firefox with a roaming profile so you can save cookies, bookmarks, and passwords again.
:: SETUP: Browse to \\maclsp\user\ and locate the folder with your username. If not found, right click an empty space
:: and create the folder with your MACL username. Save this file to your Desktop on MACL1-3 and/or in startup
:: scripts under Start > Programs > Startup to run it automatically on login.
echo Launching Firefox with roaming profile...
"\\maclprofiles\thinapps\firefox\Mozilla Firefox.exe" -profile \\maclsp\user\%USERNAME%\%USERNAME%.ffp -url http://maclinterface:8081/login.html
protolif / cw_refreshment.meta.js
Last active Feb 6, 2017
Charlie's Whiskey Refreshment
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// ==UserScript==
// @name Charlie's Whiskey Refreshment
// @description Refreshes ConnectWise every 10 minutes. Take a drink or go back 3 spaces.
// @version 1.0.1
// @author James Dunn
// @namespace
// @grant none
// @include*
// @icon
// @updateURL
View portalSkin.meta.js
// ==UserScript==
// @name Portal Skin
// @description Minimalist theme for Netfor SMP
// @version 1.2.1
// @author James Dunn
// @namespace
// @grant none
// @include*
// @include*
// @updateURL
protolif / autorun.bat
Created Aug 26, 2015
Make Windows XP command prompt mimic a *NIX shell
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@echo off
REM INSTALL: Add the full path string of this file via regedit to:
REM \HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor\AutoRun
REM Set up aliases to mimic BASH/*NIX environment
doskey ls=dir /X /Q /TW /OG /P $*
doskey ll=dir $*
doskey cat=type $*
doskey ..=cd..
doskey grep=find "$1" $2
doskey mv=ren $*
protolif / userContent.css
Last active Apr 21, 2016
Portal skin for Firefox
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The MIT License (MIT)
Portal Lite Skin for Firefox v1.2
Copyright (c) 2015 - 2016 James Dunn
Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights
to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell
protolif /
Created Aug 1, 2013
This shell script will fill your hard drive with random bits, and then zeros. It will do this seven times. It works on UNIX, Linux, and Mac. Make sure to change /dev/sda1 to your desired drive. For the extra paranoid, run truecrypt afterwards and burn the password. Cheers!
echo "Beginning wipe"
for i in {1..7}
echo "Starting pass $i..."
dd if=/dev/urandom of=/sda1 bs=1M
dd if=/dev/zero of=/sda1 bs=1M
echo "Pass $i complete."
echo "Wipe complete."
protolif / jewel_thief.rb
Created Oct 24, 2012
Trying to figure out the path to the images directory
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require "jewel_thief/version"
require "rubygems"
require "rubygame"
require "jewel_thief/game"
require "jewel_thief/player"
module JewelThief
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