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[9/5/12 11:00:18 AM] prpatel: hello, who is this?
[9/5/12 11:00:32 AM] Galaxy Web Services: Hi
[9/5/12 11:00:41 AM] Galaxy Web Services: I am Ravindra from Galaxy Web Services
[9/5/12 11:01:03 AM] prpatel: ok. how can I be of assistance to you?
[9/5/12 11:01:35 AM] Galaxy Web Services: We provide website development as well as iPhone/iPad Application development
[9/5/12 11:01:51 AM] prpatel: cool!
[9/5/12 11:02:04 AM] Galaxy Web Services: If you have any project which fit our skill please let us know
[9/5/12 11:02:16 AM] prpatel: I contract out those services to my clients at $250/hour. Do you guys need me to do some work for you?
[9/5/12 11:02:27 AM] prpatel: I'll be available in 2 weeks to work on more projects
[9/5/12 11:03:52 AM] Galaxy Web Services: no. We also do web development and mobile application development
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Response> <Say>Hello .</Say>
<Number sendDigits="www118235">
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//FirstView Component Constructor
var _ = require('/lib/underscore');
function ScheduleView() {
//create object instance, a parasitic subclass of Observable
var self = Ti.UI.createView({
layout : 'vertical'
var tableView = Ti.UI.createTableView({
height : Ti.UI.FILL
prpatel / parseURLSchemeData.js
Created Apr 15, 2014
A simple JavaScript function for parsing URLScheme data. Intended for use in Appcelerator Titanium
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url = '';
function parseURLSchemeData(url) {
var parsedData = {};
url = url.substring(url.indexOf('//')+2);
if (url.indexOf('?') > 0 ) {
var viewTarget = url.substring(0, url.indexOf('?'));
parsedData['viewTarget'] = viewTarget;
url = url.substring(url.indexOf('?')+1);
var params = url.split('&');
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Angular Workshop


Angular is a new JavaScript framework from Google. If you are looking into developing rich web applications, Angular is your friend. Angular embraces HTML and CSS, allowing you to extend HTML towards your application, and uses plain JavaScript which makes your code easy to reuse, and test. In this workshop we will start from the ground up, and build our way through a simple application that will let us explore the various constructs, and the familiarize ourselves with some of the new terminology in Angular.

Workshop requirements

Software needed

  • Java 1.6 or greater
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Setup notes

There will be hands-on labs, so please bring your laptop. No IDE is required; you can use your favorite text editor if you like. You’ll be working purely with JavaScript and HTML5.

At a minimum, you will need to have a modern browser (latest version of Chrome is preferred), Node.js, Bower, Grunt, and polyserve installed. This can be done in with the following simple steps:

Install Node.js ( — click on the link for your environment

(sudo) npm install -g bower grunt-cli

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The Introduction to Node workshop has a few prerequisites: First, you should have a good understanding of basic JavaScript, we will not be going over what a function is, or how to create objects. Second, please be sure to have Node installed! The latest version is 4.2.x, but 0.12 would be fine (or even 0.10). Lastly, we'll talk about scaling at the end, if you want to play along you can install the StrongLoop devops tools and try them out for free for a month. See how here:

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- ENGLISH -->
<!-- AboutWindow.js -->
<string name="AboutWindow:title">About</string>
<!-- ALListWindow.js -->
<string name="ALListWindow:title">Audio Lessons</string>
prpatel / mobileAppScheduleGen2017.js
Last active Sep 15, 2017
change standard json to format for ReactNative app
View mobileAppScheduleGen2017.js
var fs = require('fs'),
_ = require('underscore'),
moment = require('moment');
function generateSchedule() {
function jsonEscape(str) {
return str.replace(/\n/g, "").replace(/\r/g, "").replace(/\t/g, "");
prpatel / schedule.json
Last active Sep 15, 2017
CT2017 schedule
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"title":"Angular Fast & Furious (v5+)",
"description":"What you'll learn on the day\r\n\r\nNew features\r\nWhat's new in Angular v5.\r\n\r\nLow level APIs\r\nAngular DIY. Build it from scratch.\r\n\r\nRxJS next level\r\nUsing High Order Observables.\r\n\r\nModern State Management\r\nSuper charge your architecture using ngrx.\r\n\r\nAdvanced Router\r\nUse the router in ways you didn't know were possible.\r\n\r\nModern Server Side Rendering\r\nLearn all the intricacies of the new platform-server bundle.\r\n\r\nReal-time GraphQL\r\nLearn everything about GraphQL Subscriptions.\r\n\r\nIntroducing Motion\r\nLevel up your animations introducing UX Motion principles.\r\n\r\n",
"speaker":"Gerard Sans",
"time":"09/20/2017 09:00 AM",
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