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Created December 29, 2012 20:01
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algorithm tarjan is
input: graph G = (V, E)
output: set of strongly connected components (sets of vertices)
index := 0
S := empty
for each v in V do
if (v.index is undefined) then
end if
function strongconnect(v)
// Set the depth index for v to the smallest unused index
v.index := index
v.lowlink := index
index := index + 1
// Consider successors of v
for each (v, w) in E do
if (w.index is undefined) then
// Successor w has not yet been visited; recurse on it
v.lowlink := min(v.lowlink, w.lowlink)
else if (w is in S) then
// Successor w is in stack S and hence in the current SCC
v.lowlink := min(v.lowlink, w.index)
end if
// If v is a root node, pop the stack and generate an SCC
if (v.lowlink = v.index) then
start a new strongly connected component
w := S.pop()
add w to current strongly connected component
until (w = v)
output the current strongly connected component
end if
end function
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