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Android Application Downgrade

Android Application Downgrade

I'm using BakaReader EX (com.erakk.lnreader) as an example.


  1. Download desired version of your application, e.g.: and copy the APK to your phone.

  2. Download and install adb on your PC. Conveniently small package can be found here:

  3. Download and install adb drivers for your phone, e.g.:

  4. Invoke adb shell and run following command in it

     pm install -r -d /full/path/to/your.apk

    -r replaces existing application without removing data
    -d allows downgrading


I had to downgrade BakaReader EX, because 1.1.35 changed DB schema, yet I have already downloaded unread stuff, which is no longer available on Baka-Tsuki, so I'm not performing any data updates.

Just for the record, the error I was getting in 1.1.35 is:

class android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException:
no such table: page_categories (code 1): , while compiling:
select * from page_categories where page = ?
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